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Welcome to weldingframe.co.uk - Supplier and Manufacturer of Welding Screens and Welding Curtains

What are welding frames, welding screens and welding booths?

Our portable welding frames, cutting and grinding screens are the ideal solution for employee protection and safety in welding areas. Our welding screens are easy to assemble on site and are extremely lightweight, providing effective mobility between working areas.

Welding frames (also known as welding screens, cutting screens and grinding screens), are designed to protect passing employees or anybody adjacent to welding, grinding and cutting work areas, from the effects of welding flash, sparks and also for filtering harmful UV light.

All our self-assembly welding curtain kits come packaged in "non-branded" cartons and come come complete with everything you need and can be erected in minutes! Your trade name, special markings and bespoke packaging can all be designed to suit your individual welding frame requirements.

If you require other sizes, shapes or grades of welding  curtains and frames, weldingframe.co.uk can manufacture welding screens and welding booths in quantity and ship direct to you or your customers anywhere in the UK or worldwide.

If you require any further help or advice about our welding frames and accessories please contact a member of our sales team for an informal discussion about your welding screen needs on +44 (0) 1260 295999 Alternatively you can use either of the methods on the right or our contact form.